Every Post Ever

February 2016
Stacking Twenties: With Standing Plans
Ask and Ye Might Just Receive

January 2016
I Added Giving to my Budget
Savings Means No One Can Screw You Over

Canada for Cheap

Your Money is Not Complicated

Stacking Twenties: With Self Care

Being Frugal Isn’t Being Deprived

December 2015
New Year’s Resolutions (even if you don’t think you need them)
2015 Spending in Review

Let’s Start Sharing Money Wins

November 2015
Finding Joy in Work
Expense Ratios Will Secretly Eat All Your Money

October 2015
The Homemade Snowball Effect
The Many Benefits of Small Cheap Cities

September 2015
Frugal Fall Fun
The Morality of Saving

Saving When You’re Super Stressed

Unnecessary Things I’ve Bought This Month

August 2015
Financial Advice for Freshmen
Liebster Award!

July 2015
Trying Not to be the Crazy Budget Girl
A Super Simple Guide to Taxes

I Think I Might be a Minimalist

Stacking Twenties: With Your Cell Phone

Saving 60% is Good. Saving 100% is Good.

June 2015
Why All My Friends Know How Much I Make
How the Hedonic Treadmill Will Steal Your Money and Your Happiness

You WILL Lose Money in the Stock Market

99 Problems but My Savings Sitch Ain’t One (guest post)

Challenge: Turn Off Your TV!

Stacking Twenties: With Coffee!

May 2015
A Fantastic & Frugal Foreign Foray

April 2015
My Budget Made Me Cry
The Four Percent Rule (and how much your freedom costs)

Getting Out of Debt is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself (guest post)

Savings Without a Goal

Does Your Money Make Your Choices?

Friends, Money and Loans

Now. Here. This.

Big Fat Expenses that Kill Your Budget

Logo and Email and Twitter Oh My!

Cheap Rent or a Short Commute?

It’s Financial Literacy Month! No Foolin’!

March 2015
Fun Things to Do That Are Super Cheap
Why I Finally Got a Credit Card

Stacking Twenties: With Subscription Services?

You Deserve It!

The Joys of Being Able to Turn Down Money

Ways I Don’t Save Money

What are Your Money Goals?

How Much Does Your Lifestyle Cost?

Stacking Twenties: By Killing the Gym

Stacking Twenties: With Craigslist

What if You Get Hit by a Bus?

But Do You Walk the Walk?

February 2015
You Can Have Anything You Want!
Stacking Twenties: At the Library

Your Net Worth in a Jar

Making Habits, Not Choices

You Can’t Buy Happiness at Target

Why the 50/20/30 Rule is Ridiculous

Step Two: Stash Some Cash
Stacking Twenties: With Hummus

You Need a Side Hustle

If You’re In Debt, Every Purchase is Debt

Stacking Twenties: On Your Lunch Break

Step One: Track it