Stacking Twenties: With Library Requests

Like every person on the planet, I am completely obsessed with the Hamilton musical. So, when I found out they were releasing a coffee table book full of essays and annotated lyrics, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

But also, it was $25, and I generally don’t buy books because I hate storing them and rarely read them more than once.

Usually, when I want to read something, I just log on to my library account and add it to my holds list. It might take a while to get to me, but it’ll show up eventually, and for free!

This was a month or two ago, and my local library didn’t have the Hamilton book in their catalog. Never one to be dismayed, I found the “requests” page buried deep in their website, entered the title, author and ISBN number, and asked them to buy the book.

The day it was released, it was on the holds shelf under my name.

How cool is that???

I saved myself $25 and still got access to the book the day it was coming out – and it took no longer to order the book through the library than it would’ve through Amazon.

What’s your favorite library service?


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