Ask and Ye Might Just Receive

About a month ago, a retailer I like (not naming them since they went against policy to help me out) had a major sale going on. A ton of their merchandise was 80 percent off, so I bought two dresses and some stationary. I also picked up a pair of heels, which were full price.

The package arrived, the shoes didn’t fit, I stuck them back in the box and shipped it off to exchange for a different size.

Just today, I received an email – my return had been received, but since the product was damaged I could not receive a refund or exchange.

Damaged? I literally tried them on and put them back in the box and mailed it.

The damage was that I attached the shipping label directly to the box. So the shoes weren’t damaged, but the box they had been sold in was. My bad, I guess, but it certainly wasn’t something I had thought would prevent me from receiving my exchange.

I checked, it was in the refund policy (hidden, fine print, but it was there). Still, seemed kind of ridiculous.

So I opened the chat window on their website, explained the situation to someone, and within five minutes had $40 worth of store credit added to my account.

Five minutes of my time is absolutely worth $40. Just a little math, that’s the equivalent of a $480 hourly rate.

Many times, I find myself not contesting this sort of thing because it feels like it’ll take a lot of effort. You have to first figure out who to contact, then you have to make your case clearly, then you have to wait on hold, many times you then have to talk to someone else … ugh, the $40 is gone already, whatever.

But complacency is the enemy of success!

Have you been putting off calling about a weird bank fee, return that wasn’t credited, increase in your internet bill? Call. You’ll probably make a way higher hourly rate of return than you do at your job. And it’ll stop hanging over your head.

Now, I’m going to start browsing ways to spend my $40 in store credit.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten just by asking?


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