Frugal Fall Fun

Or, Affordable Autumnal Activities.

Given my dual obsession with not spending money and having fun, of course I have a fall themed post to share. Without further ado:

lakeHike. Fall is great for hiking, because it’s not miserably hot like in the summer and the colors are beautiful. This weekend I went for a hike with four of my friends (second frugal tip – gas is cheap if you split it five ways) to some lovely mountain lakes. We packed food, took lots of breaks, and lost the trail just enough for it to be fun.friends

Go to the library. I’ve extolled the virtues of the library before, but it’s truly an excellent fall activity. To make the most of it: walk or bike to the library, enjoying what is hopefully a lovely day (or, even better, one where you get to use your umbrella). Pick out a really great-looking book. Go to your town’s coziest coffee shop and read for at least two hours, preferably while wearing a really adorable scarf.

My friends make excellent party snacks.

My friends make excellent party snacks.

Host a Party. This is really year-round advice. I try to host a party about every six weeks. It’s super easy and fun and great. Invite all your friends on Facebook, and then follow up with individual texts because people are terrible and won’t show up if you don’t make them feel personally important (it’s annoying but it works). Ask everyone to bring food or drink to share – I often end up with more snacks and drinks left over than I contributed in the first place.

Enjoy a bonfire. If you, or any of your friends, have a backyard, a bonfire or fire pit is the best way to enjoy a chilly fall evening. Cozy sweaters, a bottle of wine, roasting marshmallows, and chatting into the evening costs very little – especially if you already have some dead branches to throw on the fire.

soupCook. Sure, you can (and should!) cook all year, but fall is definitely a time for nesting. Cooking is one of those rare activities that’s fun, cheap, builds life skills, and results in delicious food. I made biscuits and crockpot chicken/veggie soup over the weekend, and decided there are few things better than hunkering down with a blanket, Netflix, and homemade soup. I was actually freelancing at the same time, so I technically made money.

Other fun, cheap ideas for the fall: go to community festivals, host a game night, take up a new hobby, go apple-picking, work on that project you keep meaning to finish, bake a pie, take a mini-road-trip, go antiquing (just don’t buy a $400 lamp or anything crazy like that), find free events in the community, write letters to old friends, go biking, try a corn maze, volunteer, go cardboard sledding … your options are endless!

What do you look forward to every fall?


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