99 Problems But My Savings Sitch Ain’t One

I interrupt our regular programming to share … this gem from Alyssa at Generation YRA. I’m a big fan of rewriting song lyrics for humor – rewriting rap lyrics to be about saving is even better! Check out Alyssa’s great blog for even more on saving and investing!

Generation Y Retirement Account

I’m interrupting this week to bring you something a little bit different.

If any of you have ever heard a little Jay-Z, this one’s for you.

So bounce to the beat in your head (or better yet play the track in the background).

This week I’m bringing you…

99 Problems

If you’re having saving problems, don’t feel bad about it son
I got 99 problems but my savings sitch* ain’t one

[Verse One]

I got the money savings on the retirementcravings
Average Joes that wanna make their bank accounts roll
Non-saver critics that say “We’re all crazy though”
I’m from generation Y our savings should be low
But we’re growing up now knowing this is a no-go
You celebrate each minute because you be saving yo’
I’m like forget the critics they can do what they want
If you don’t like to save you can press the back arrow
Got money

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