Challenge: Turn off your TV!

For the last couple months, I’ve been watching a LOT of Netflix. Like, more than usual. In some ways, it’s great, because sitting on your couch with popcorn is always great, and it’s cheap so my bank account was happy. But (and I know this is blasphemy) sometimes it gets old.

And yet I am still my cheapskate self, so I’m not going to start going shopping in the evenings, or going out to dinner by myself, or going to concerts regularly, or any of the many other things that could fill my time. And also I live alone, so I can’t entertain myself by constantly hectoring my roommates anymore.

Instead, for the last week or so, I’ve just tried to not log in to Netflix (I also don’t have cable, so this is basically not watching TV at all). This really shouldn’t be so difficult seeing as humanity functioned perfectly well for millennia without television, but I don’t even have public executions that I can go watch for fun. What’s a girl to do?

So I’ve been filling my evenings with projects, which has the side benefit of making my non-work hours feel a lot longer. The hours from 6-9 don’t feel like much time has passed when you’re mainlining “House of Cards.” I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money, but I also want my life to feel fulfilling – projects and learning new things do that.

So that is my challenge to you this week: Don’t watch Netflix! (Or cable.)

Things I am doing instead:

  • Writing a book
  • Learning guitar (my brother owns a couple, so I borrowed his acoustic last time I was home and am following video lessons online)
  • Reading lots
  • Learning to cook (apparently you can make meringue with chickpea brine? Definitely trying this next time I make hummus.)
  • Learning to code (Codecademy is free and helpful)
  • Yoga (Yoga with Adriene is great!)
  • Knitting
  • Writing letters
  • Cleaning my apartment (maybe if I include this on the list I’ll actually do it?)
  • Listening to podcasts (SO MANY PODCASTS)
  • Going for walks

Do you need to cut back on your Netflix time? Or am I the only one who blew through all nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” in a little over a month?

How do you spend your free time? Also, what else should I start learning?


7 thoughts on “Challenge: Turn off your TV!

  1. rockerpult says:

    I spend most of my week-day free time on the computer (I don’t have TV/cable) but I watch youtube videos and play computer games.

    Probably not very productive for my head. I should probably read more, exercise more, and get into the habit of cooking real meals.

    Otherwise, your list of things to do is fairly comprehensive 🙂


  2. Jennifer says:

    This is definitely a struggle for me. I am so tired when I get off work that all I want to do is crawl into a ball and watch “The West Wing” all evening. Which is great for my bank account, like you said, but makes me feel like such a sloth. Challenge accepted!

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