Take charge with budget coaching (free this month!)

“I’m buried under such a big pile of debt, I’ll be a grandparent before I find my way out.” “Can I pay you back on Friday? I don’t get paid until then.” “Crap, I have to get my brakes fixed. Time for the credit card.” If you’ve said any of these things, your budget needs a makeover. In Budget Coaching, I’ll help you:

  • Figure out (and prioritize) your financial goals
  • Create a debt-payoff plan
  • Track your spending
  • Find ways to cut your expenses without feeling deprived
  • Build a safety net to cover emergencies
  • Learn how to make your savings work for you
  • Stop treading water and find your way to a calmer financial future
  • Still have fun!

Over the course of the month, I’ll provide you with tools and advice to get your financial life on track, whether you’re graduating this month or you’ve been working for a few years. We’ll communicate primarily via email (so you can fit this into your schedule whenever is convenient for you) on a regular basis so you can develop habits that will help you for the rest of your life. And best of all? It’s free! That’s right – the first three people who sign up will get a month of budget coaching for free! Sign up on the coaching page or email me at stackingtwenties@gmail.com. In just four weeks, you’ll learn how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial professional, just a college grad who hates seeing her peers stress about money all the time. I’ll share what’s worked for me, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same results.


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