It’s Financial Literacy Month! No Foolin’!

In my apartment, every day is financial literacy month, but I love spreadsheets. Shout out to my BFF Excel.

You might hate spreadsheets. And numbers, and percentages, and budgeting. But unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ve got a lot to lose by ignoring them.

April is National Financial Literacy month, and now that we’re three months past the New Year, it might be a good time to check up on your financial resolutions. Are you saving like well-intentioned Past You said you would? Are you knocking out your debt with the fervor Past You had on Dec. 31? Are you cutting down unnecessary spending like Past You planned?

If you haven’t made all the progress you wanted, start with one simple step. For the next seven days, write down every time you interact with money. Pay your rent? Write it down. Get a paycheck? Write it down. Buy a coffee? Write it down. Pick up a penny on the ground? Write it down.

You won’t need to keep up this level of detail forever, but this is a great exercise any time your money is starting to get away from you a little bit. It’s just a week! You might discover something about your spending habits that you hadn’t noticed before.


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