Stacking Twenties: With Subscription Services?

There are a lot of subscription services out there, and most of them seem to exist for the sole purpose of overcharging you by a ridiculous amount for the moderate convenience of having things delivered to your door (Plated, Ipsy, Graze, Bright Cellars … all examples of this). I haven’t used many of these services, although I did sign up for Stitch Fix for a while when I was living in North Dakota (the clothes weren’t really my style and seemed overpriced, so I stopped). But a few months ago I was at Target, looking at buying new razor blades, and the $24 sticker price on eight blades (that’s $3/ea) was enough to make me think twice. I remembered all the ads for subscription services I’d heard on podcasts, and decided to do some research. There are various options, but after reading reviews and comparing prices, I decided to try out Dollar Shave Club. For $6/month, they’ll send you four blades (that’s $1.50/ea, or half the price). I’ve set mine to only come every other month, since I don’t replace my blades every week. A new razor handle is included in that cost in the first box you receive.

It’s not pink, and looks a little less feminine than my old razor, but it also lives in my shower so I really don’t care. The blades seem to be of about the same quality as the ones I used to use (I picked the four-blade version, there are also 2- and 6-blade versions available). It’s not a huge savings, but it was an easy switch and I see no good reason to be spending twice as much on my shaving needs.

If you want to check it out, you can click here (that’s a referral link, I’ll get a $5 credit if you sign up – click here if you don’t want to use my referral link). You can also find more information about Dollar Shave on their Mashable page, here. Some final thoughts on subscription services:

  • Subscriptions that lead you to buy things you wouldn’t have otherwise (like most makeup, clothing, and alcohol subscriptions) are not a good deal, although they may be fun.
  • Subscriptions that allow you to pay for the convenience of having something show up at your house (like those that deliver recipes and ingredients that you could get far cheaper with the internet and a grocery store) are not a good deal.
  • Subscriptions that provide commodities (like razor blades, and probably some others that I’m not familiar with – yet!) can sometimes offer a better deal than you’d get from a box store. Do your research, then enjoy spending a few bucks less every month.

No, the money you save on razor blades will not be a huge amount. However, by getting into the mindset of finding ways to save on the little things, you’ll find that little things turn into big things pretty fast.

P.S. They didn’t pay me to write this, I’m just sharing one of the many small ways I save a few bucks.


3 thoughts on “Stacking Twenties: With Subscription Services?

  1. techpf says:

    Fantastic post! I’ve always ignored subscription services as a whole because I assumed they were unreasonably expensive. It’s great to know that some of them can actually save you money.

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  2. alyssawindell says:

    This is great to point out and very timely to read because my fiancé literally just signed us up for dollar shave club yesterday! With the subscription services for commodities I think they do end up saving us a bit of money. For us, it also eliminates the unnecessary last minute trips to the store for just one item that we need to replace (I don’t know about you, but if I need a new toothbrush etc. I always forget to grab it at the grocery store! It takes a store like Target to get me in the mindset to pick up such items). Also, I have to admit in the past I’ve fallen to some of the expensive boxes. When Birchbox first started I signed up. After a couple months I canceled because it just didn’t add up & I still to this day have a stock pile of trial sized samples that I forget to use! I’d be interested to research more commodity services to help save money. Great post!

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