You deserve it!

It always makes me sad when friends/acquaintances/strangers announce that they’re going to make a purchase because “I deserve it!”

We’ve been taught our whole lives material goods are the reward for good behavior. In school teachers might have given out stickers or “bucks” that could be exchanged for small treats. Parents may have offered a new toy in exchange for not being an obnoxious tween.

So no wonder that when we grow up, we decide that we are entitled to things, like new clothes and manicures, for sticking to our goals or even just for “being good”.

I think you deserve better than that.

I think you deserve to not count down to payday, because you’ve got money in the bank to cover your bills. You deserve to be able to call a tow truck if your car breaks down, and cover the repairs without dipping into grocery money. You deserve to be able to leave a job you hate and know you’ll be okay for a couple months until you find something better. You deserve to be done saying “I’m broke”. You deserve to eventually stash away enough money that you don’t have to work ever again if you don’t want to.

You deserve it!

(And then there’s the class issues inherent in this statement. You deserve this new designer purse because you work hard, but someone who works equally hard for minimum wage doesn’t because…why? But that’s a social justice tirade for another day.)

Next time you’re tempted to “treat yo’self” because “you deserve it”, walk away and put that money in the bank. Enjoy watching that number grow. Pretty soon, you’ll forget what that shirt you “deserved” looked like. And your financial safety net will give you a heck of a lot more happiness than a t-shirt ever could.


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