The joys of being able to turn down money

Outside of my normal job, I also freelance. Because there is only so much Netflix one person can watch.

Recently, one of my clients involved some work that I didn’t feel good about doing. It wasn’t illegal, or even unethical – it was just for a product that I felt kind of bad about espousing. The tasks were easy, and paid $10 for about half an hour of work, but that didn’t make up for disliking what I was putting into the world.

So I finished the tasks I had been assigned, and then respectfully declined to work for them anymore.

Now sure, it was only about $40/month worth of income, but the ability to just write off that potential money because I felt bad about the work was an awesome feeling.

That kind of freedom from having to grab every dollar in order to support myself is pretty new to me – in college I was used to having $5 in my bank account after rent & groceries and regularly got super excited about an opportunity to earn an extra $10 and triple my net worth.

Obviously, I can’t just turn down all my sources of income. It’s just nice to have the ability to make even these small decisions based on a sense of “I don’t feel good about doing this, so I won’t,” rather than “I don’t feel good about doing this, but I need to eat, so I will.”

Have you ever turned down a job because the money just wasn’t worth it to you?


2 thoughts on “The joys of being able to turn down money

  1. c90ftw says:

    Absolutely I have. I had an opportunity to work for a large company in a role that would require two weeks of work, 7 days a week, followed by one week off. The pay was great, but after realizing this was more of a time commitment that I was willing to commit to, I ultimately passed on the opportunity. Congrats on doing what you want, for who you want!

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