Stacking Twenties: By Killing the Gym

I’ve never been a gym person. When I had a free membership in college, I’d use it on a semi-regular basis, but I’ve never been the type to hang out at the gym, or make friends there (apparently people really do this?). So, I’ve never paid for a gym membership.

Obviously, exercise is important. But, for most of human history, we managed to exercise without paying exorbitant monthly fees for the privilege of moving our bodies.

If you are paying a gym membership and it’s not bringing a big steaming pile of joy into your life, think about cutting it out. Chances are good you can get the same exercise with some weights and some running shoes. I even bought a treadmill off Craigslist so I can work out when it’s dark/cold/rainy outside – for $40.

There are tons of free workout videos on YouTube, so if you’ve been going to various classes you might find that you can get the same upbeat instructors and well-organized routine for free in your living room.

For some people (swimmers? hardcore weightlifters?) a gym is important, but it’s definitely not a necessity for everyone. This week, try keeping up your workout schedule without setting foot in the gym. If you can do it and still feel good, cut the membership and stick that $50-$100/month straight in your savings.


3 thoughts on “Stacking Twenties: By Killing the Gym

  1. techpf says:

    I totally agree! Also, people underestimate how much bodyweight fitness can do for you. I do Pilates myself and it always leaves me feeling sore. The only thing that can be harder to hit without some extra equipment is upper body/arms, but some cheap weights or resistance bands can do that for you for very little money.


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