Your net worth in a jar

I’ve talked before about how important it is to track your spending, but it’s also really nice to get some positive reinforcement.

I read a blog post the other day by a dental student paying off his debt. He keeps two jars of pennies – one represents the amount left of his loan and one represents the amount he’s paid off. Every time he pays off $100, he moves a penny.

I’m fortunate enough not to have loans, but I think it would still be super beneficial (and fun, but I have a weird idea of fun) to have a physical representation of my savings, instead of just a graph on Mint. Besides, pennies are a pain in the butt anyways.

I have a whole bunch of pennies lying around, so next time I have a clean jar on hand, I’m going to count out a few dozen and chuck them in there. At the end of every month, I can add to it and watch the jar slowwwwwly fill up as I inch towards financial freedom.

I think it’s important to get positive reinforcement from saving, instead of just seeing it as causing you to miss out on things you might otherwise want. If you usually get pleasure from buying things and you’re just denying yourself that pleasure, no budget is going to last long. By finding ways to switch it around and get that same happiness out of keeping money in my pocket, I do a way better job of controlling my spending.

Do you have a fun way to track your savings?


2 thoughts on “Your net worth in a jar

  1. Tim M says:

    I think this idea is brilliant. At one time, I used to carry my debt around in my pocket. I had a beaded chain with each bead representing $250. Every time I paid my bills, I would cut off the appropriate number of beads. It sure was nice when I only had a few of beads in my pocket and even better when I cut the last two apart.

    (Like on old key chains. You can get them in foot long lengths at the hardware store.)


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