You’re in your twenties, you might have a big pile of student loan debt, and more likely than not, your salary is the lowest it’ll be for the rest of your life. And yet I’m telling you that you have the ability to stockpile a big pile of cash while actually enjoying your life more?


Here’s the thing: Money can buy you a lot of things. It can buy nice clothes, and vacations, and many many nights at the bar. And yet, the two most valuable things it can buy are also the most expensive: your freedom and your stability.

This blog is all about getting off the financial treadmill. You know the drill: you get paid, pay your bills, go out to dinner a few times, maybe hit up Target, and find yourself at the end of two weeks with maybe $100 to throw in savings – which, of course, entirely disappears when your car needs new tires or you decide to take advantage of some of that vacation time. That’s a stressful life.

Imagine, instead, that you can save a big percentage of your income, and have no stress when one of those unexpected emergencies comes up. And, you can do all this and find yourself enjoying your life way more than when you were spending your paycheck on those little treats. That’s right: none of this has to be a sacrifice, it’s all a gift to yourself.

I’m no financial genius (oh, and I don’t have any formal training in any of this stuff, it’s all trial-and-error), I’m just a 24-year-old gal who hates seeing her peers feel like they don’t have any control over their bank accounts. I want to help you have a ton of fun and save enough money to follow your dreams!

Start here, or just jump in on the blog.


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